About Us


The FFU is a collectively run skills hub within a fertile rural environment.

It’s a place to reflect and share, research, develop, design, try out and deepen our skills and confidence in growing safe and resilient communities as well as  working actively to regenerate the environment. 

We grew out of Forest Schools and follow their person-centred style.

We believe learning and sharing practical skills builds confidence, resilience and emotional literacy 


Ongoing Projects include:

  • Tool use, spoon carving and whittling
  • Fire making and care
  • Shelter building
  • Foraging and plant identification
  • Growing and storage of food crops
  • Permaculture
  • Cooking and food hygiene
  • Composting toilets and use of humanure
  • Singing, art, creativity 
  • Play and self care.

We expect our visitors to be involved actively for 4 hours a day in ongoing practical skills and tasks, and for the rest of the day to self manage their time.

We provide basic vegan catering and ask our visitors to help in the kitchen as needed.
We like to eat together.


The Universitree is part of ‘The Deep Adaptation Research Centre, set in 3 acres of rural Kent we are supporting Social and Environmental initiatives that will help us adapt to the rapidly changing climate of our world and society. 

It is a small site set in a large landscape and we hope to build bridges between the rural and urban and are hoping to support urban communities access rural landscapes and exchange skills and culture. 

At the core of the centre is a Bio-Friendly swimming pool that is home to wildlife, grows watercress and creates fantastic compost for the garden, as well as being a lovely  pool for swimming. 

We run all our activities and projects within a collective non hierarchical framework and are always open to new members and ideas.

If you want more information or are interested in visiting and being involved please contact us through the contact form.

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